Dog Training Brisbane

At Puptopia We work hard to create the perfect training plan for your dog to become more confident, obedient, and polite.

Whether you want to be more involved in your dog's training or want our highly qualified dog trainer to take care of it all. We have a training plan for you~ Our dog and puppy training classes will help you get the most out of your relationship with your pup.
We take all ages, from young puppies to older dogs. At Puptopia we train all types of behavior issues, from minor obedience issues to severe aggressive behaviors.

We would love to meet you and your furry family member! Swing by our dog training facility in Bowen Hills, Brisbane for your free consultation today!

what we offer

Our 5 week group training classes for dogs start from $39 a week. We keep small class sizes so everyone gets equal attention. These are a perfect gift for those with a new puppy (gift vouchers available). Bring along a friend and save!

Personalised one-on-one, bespoke dog training. From basic obedience through to advanced training. Lesson plans are designed with you and your pups specific needs in mind.

Even the best trained dog can develop undesirable habits. This can be barking when someone walks past or digging in the garden. If left too long, these behaviours can become very difficult to reverse so early intervention is key. Talk to our dog behaviourist today!

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